Ellison 2007-2008

Ellison is now 3 years old and ready for everything! We've completely mastered the potty, bed, and we've now given up the "pie pie." Believe it or not, it is actually gone. She comes up with something new everyday, and never ceases to amaze us! She keeps us giggling most of the time!!! She is daddy's ball player, and mommy's shopping buddy! She is totally obsessed with the movie "High School Musical" and tells most people that her name is "Gabriella Montez." She has started preschool and LOVES it! She has also started taking dancing, ballet and tap. She loves football, and can't wait until basketball to start. We spent all of our weekends cheering for Daddy's team, Northside, and occasionally got to cheer for the Red Devils at Central when Northside wasn't playing.